Oben Ohne Après Skihütte im Lachtal


Let's shake it up!

An altitude of 1650 meters makes hearts beat faster!

Wether you are looking for a cosy place to have lunch or simply want to feel the après-ski vibe in the evening at "ObenOhne" an exciting stay is guaranteed. Marvel at panoramic views, dance to powerful rhytms and enjoy our exclusive drinks!  

Party, relaxing, or resting in the sun while enjoying a drink - at "ObenOhne" you get everything in one place!

Après Skihütte Lachtal, Oben Ohne
"Oben Ohne" Skihütte im Lachtal

The exclusive architecture - a unique combination of matured timber and glas - enabels to enjoy spectacular 360 degree views accompanied with energetic melodies. On top of this by simply pressing a button the rooftop can be opened to provide an open air experience you won't forget. Visit us at ObenOhne and lose yourself in a stunning atmosphere!

"Oben Ohne" Skihütte im Lachtal

Bring your party to us...

An extraordinary location for partys, birthdays or even confirmation celebrations!

Opening Hours

During summer months we are closed but once the winterseason 2020/2021 will start we are going to be here for you again daily from 9:00 am and we will be ready for party!

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