We have everything to get you started!

Our team is happy to suggest the quipment which will provide you with  most fun in the snow. Skis and snowboards will be adjusted by our professional  technicians based on your age, weight and ability. We  endeavour to match you with the best gear possible for you to  progress and enjoy, and make sure there is nothing to prevent a beautiful day on the slopes of  Lachtal! 

We look forward to your visit!

Skiverleih Brunner, Schigebiet Lachtal


Our office is located right next to the main car park and just a few meters from the bottom of the Lachtal chairlift.

Sportshop Skirent Lachtal GmbH
Lachtal 404
8831 Oberwölz

scroll down to "Google Maps"


Opening Hours

We will be open from 8.12.2023 to 01.04.2024.

Monday to Friday from
8:45 am till 4:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday from
8:45 am till 5:00 pm

How to rent?

- first Check-In at one of our Computers (it is advantageous to check height and weight beforehand)

- prepare your photo ID! (driver licence, passport, ID card) Please note that you will not get equipment without bringing your ID with you.

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